Sell Your Product

Sell Your Product on Nwagui!

Dear Future Nwagui Network Member:

What we offer:

A diverse online platform for minority-owned businesses to showcase and sell their products and services.


We vet each and every business that will be featured on our website with the following as the primary deciding factors:

  • The story behind the company and featured product(s)
  • Product Description
  • Overall presentation and aesthetics of featured product(S)
  • Ability to be shipped
  • Turn-around time
  • Shipment/Return plan

What a vendor partnership with Nwagui includes

  • A business profile page to introduce customers to your overall brand
  • Access to your own vendor dashboard to track your orders and sales
  • Your product(s) will be added to the site’s “E. Commerce Blvd.” Collection
  • Upload up to 5 of your most attractive items from a single subscription


    Our primary reason for opening Nwagui to other minority-owned small businesses is to allow companies with a great story and most importantly, a quality product to have an additional store to showcase their items. It is for that reason that we do not charge a monthly fee. We also allow ALL new-comers to try the site out for 30 days before we assess our standard 5% commission fee to the product(s) final value (product + tax + shipping).

    What Next?

    Ready to join the Nwagui network and put your product in front of potential buyers? Right below this message give us a little info about yourself, your product and your vision for your brand. Upon receipt we will contact you with all the details you need to get started.